Fun games for Primary Maths students

Maths can be chore for kids to learn – but it doesn’t need to be! Make learning maths fun by integrating some maths games and maths activities into your child’s routine at home. It’s the easy and fun way to get kids engaging with and interested in maths from an early age. You can combine these games with out of school maths tutoring to really reinforce central maths concepts.

Multiplication Magic is a fun and colourful game for kids to learn multiplication for primary maths. The game consists of a large stack of cards with simple maths problem solving questions on them that need to be completed by the student. The cards are colour coded for degree of difficulty and the special pen can be wiped off to allow you to reuse the cards over and over again.

Penguins on ice makes learning addition for primary children and decimals for primary children super fun with a battleship style game. Tiny penguin figurines can connect horizontally or vertically on the main board. The game set includes 10 ice bards, 100 penguin figures and a comprehensive guide. Kids must solve the maths problem displayed on their card by using the penguins as counters and then add them to the game board.

The Tangram Shapes game helps with fractions for primary children, geometry principles and angles. Each set is comprised of 7 wooden tangram pieces in pantone colours – very designer! Kids can rearrange the pieces into various shapes both symmetrical and asymmetrical from the key cards provided and when it’s time to put the game away, they can fit the shapes back in the perfect square (not as easy as it looks!)

Cuisenaire rods are colourful thin blocks made of wood than can be used in huge variety of maths activities including subtraction for primary maths and fractions for primary maths. Each set comprises 400 pieces all contained in a nice wooden storage box.

If you are looking at the more digital side of things – and lets face it, kids love technology these days – there are few good options to choose from. Among the best is the website which shows key maths concepts visually and graphically through videos. Kids can select core concepts and then work their way through various activities related to these concepts. There is also an assessment section that lets kids test their knowledge without the classroom pressure and a huge variety of additional investigation activities that can be done away from the screen and in everyday life.

So there you have it, make maths fun again and get started with one of these super fun educational games.